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14 Pallets Of Aid To Ukraine Highlight Diverse Programs And Partnerships

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Warehouse staff at Brother’s Brother Foundation loaded 14 pallets of aid onto a semi-trailer truck, marking the organization’s 47th shipment to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion in February 2022.

On-the-ground partners in Lviv will distribute the supplies to medical facilities and civilians in need, supporting various programs that have begun within the last 16 months.

Ukraine Neurology Initiative

BBF’s Ukraine Neurology Initiative provides hospitals with pharmaceuticals and medical equipment used to treat epilepsy and other neurological conditions. The recent shipment to Ukraine included two EEG machines, one purchased by NATUS and the other donated by Cadwell.

BBF has sent six EEGs to Ukraine since the start of the war, allowing doctors to detect and diagnose seizures and other brain abnormalities in patients.

The shipment will also supply anti-epileptic medications to St. Nicolas Children’s Hospital as part of an ongoing response supporting Dr. Olha Tychkivska’s work to treat epilepsy patients despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war. Read more about BBF’s Ukraine Neurology Initiative here.

Partnerships Supply Clothing and Everyday Necessities

A newly formed partnership with Patagonia supplied BBF with warm clothing and jackets to send to civilians weathering Ukraine’s bitter winter. The partnership has extended to other items as well, with the most recent shipment including one pallet of reusable Miir insulated water bottles and travel mugs.

Six pallets of women’s clothing donated to BBF by LBV Official were also sent to Ukraine.

Prosthetics for Wounded Soldiers

BBF’s shipment included ankle and foot orthotics, limb guards, and other prosthetic equipment from Penta Prosthetics. BBF has worked with numerous organizations in the United States and Ukraine to support Ukrainian soldiers’ rehabilitation and recovery. Read more here.

Hygiene and Medical Supplies

Hygiene and medical supplies, a central focus of BBF’s Ukraine response, also made their way onto BBF’s recent Ukraine shipment, comprising two pallets of sanitizing wipes and two pallets of face shields and surgical gowns.

To date, BBF has sent more than 500 pallets of aid to Ukrainian hospitals, organizations, and civilians impacted by the war.

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