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A Look At BBF’s Newest Solar Site

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A yellow primary health center (PHC) in Bhilaura Basu stands out against the farmland and foliage of humid rural India. It has 10 staff members and eight rooms–and one faulty power line connected at the top. Located In the Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh, India, the PHC experiences frequent power outages that can last upwards of 10 hours.

A solar array funded by Brother’s Brother Foundation will create reliable, 24-hour energy, allowing doctors to extend the clinic’s emergency and trauma services around-the-clock. A backup battery will meet the clinic’s energy needs should a power outage does occur.

The infrastructure—which will be installed by BBF’s partner Solar Village Project—will elevate the quality of healthcare impacting patients coming from more than 20 villages. Even in the case where these communities are closer to other healthcare facilities, they would not be able to afford the cost of care. Patients who attend the Bhilaura Basu’s PHC consist of subsistence farmers between 18 and 40 who make an annual income between $125 and $12,150.

With limited access to healthcare, people in Bhilaura Basu and the surrounding villages have a higher burden of disease. Roughly 30 to 50 patients visit the PHC to receive treatment—but a sudden power outage can halt medical equipment at any given moment. Solar panels will encourage more patients to seek out professional medical treatment—and make sure treatments are started and seen through to completion.

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