Our Mission

BBF helps bridge the gap between aid and sustainability by supporting localized programs and providing essential resources in the areas of Healthcare, Infrastructure, Disaster Response, and Education (H.I.D.E).

Our Vision

A world where aid leads to sustainable development.

Our Background

Brother’s Brother Foundation was founded in 1958 by Dr. Robert A. Hingson, a renowned innovator in public health. During his career, he developed several medical devices crucial in alleviating pain and distributing vaccinations and inoculations. His most well-known invention, the needleless jet-injector or “peace gun,” dramatically increased medical capabilities in developing countries by allowing for the inoculation of 1,000 people per hour with several simultaneous vaccines. Dr. Hingson’s vision of a world free from diseases such as smallpox, measles, cholera and more led to his creation of Brother’s Brother Foundation.


“I have given of my life to receive it back again more abundantly.”

Our Team

Since the foundation of our organization, quality leadership and service have been our top priorities. Our team is comprised of motivated individuals who share the same goals of providing relief and promoting development in regions with the most need. Each member of Brother’s Brother Foundation is dedicated to our mission and committed to finding forward-thinking responses to worldwide issues.

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Ozzy Samad


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Erik Ryan

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Laura Kelly

Vice President of Communications & Development

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Liam Carstens

Vice President of Programs

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Tanner Rowe

Director of Operations

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Velimir Letoja

Director of Inventory

Julia Van Den Bergh

Director of Strategic

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Kasey Helton

Assistant Director of
Communications & Development

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Emily Umble

Assistant director of Programs

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Antonella Ferraro

Accounting & Bookkeeper

Kaitlyn Nuebel

Content & Creative Writer

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Michelle Little

Volunteer Coordinator

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Rob Miller

Warehouse Manager

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Paul Babinsack

Assistant Warehouse Manager

William Neverdon

Driver NCA

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Our Board of Trustees and Advisory Board

Our Board of Trustees and Board of Advisory Trustees play a vital role in governing and guiding the operations of our foundation. Comprised of a diverse group of individuals with varied expertise, the boards are entrusted with overseeing Brother's Brother Foundation's strategic direction and ensuring its adherence to the our mission and values. The trustees are responsible for making critical decisions regarding funding allocations, program initiatives, and financial management, and act as the foundation's ambassadors, fostering relationships with donors, partners, and stakeholders while upholding transparency and accountability.

Board of Trustees

Terrence H. Murphy, Esq.
Littler Mendelson, P.C.

Vice Chair
Eric Saks

Bryant Mitchell
F.N.B. Corporation

Daniel R. Delaney, Esq.
DickieMcCamey (retired)

President, Ex-Officio Trustee
Ozzy Samad
Brother's Brother Foundation

Senada Adzem-Schweitzer
Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Ron Alvarado
Novus Group, LLC

Divya Annamraju

Christina Briscoe-Abath, M.D.
Boston Children’s Hospital

Svetlana Faktorovich, M.D.
Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Douglas Holmes
Holmes, Hollister & Company

Rebekah Hughey, M.D.
Highmark Wholecare

Graham F. Johnstone, M.D.
Greater Pittsburgh Orthopedic Associates (retired)

Phillip D. Jones
International Financial Management Consultant (retired)

Brian Kennedy
Pittsburgh Technology Council

Agnes Kielian, M.D.
Boston Children’s Hospital

Bonnie Lawson
Bayer Material Science
and CCAC (retired)

Darren Macioce
Highmark (retired)

Robert Mangino
KDKA Radio

Chronis Manolis
UPMC Health Plan

Michael Maselli
Allstate Insurance Company

Santiago Pujadas
Imagine Pharma

Imran Qadeer, M.D.
Allegheny General Hospital

Aref Rahman, M.D.
Veterans Healthcare Association
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

William Simmons, M.D.
University of Pittsburgh

William Simpson
Simpson & McCrady, LLC

Ngoc Thai, M.D., Ph.D.
Holy Name Medical Center

*Election of Officers takes place at Annual Meeting in January.

Board of Advisory Trustees

Medical Director
Deborah K. McMahon, M.D.

Roy Dorrance

Lilla Hillman

Lance Kann

Richard McGough

Thomas Mistler

Les Pitton

Linda Renninger

Thomas L. Wentling, Jr.