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Angel Navigates His Neighborhood in the Dominican Republic with New Mobility Cart

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Angel David, 13, lives in La Romana, Dominican Republic with his parents two siblings. As a baby, Angel had a blood infection that left him with long-term health issues and developmental delays.

Angel’s parents take on the responsibility of sustaining the household and managing all aspects of his health treatment. His father works as a motorcycle taxi driver, bravely navigating the streets to make ends meet, while his mother dedicates herself to nursing, working shifts at two hospitals to provide financial support for the family.

Over the years, Angel has become a well-known and cherished presence in the neighborhood. However, his disability hinders his ability to walk independently.

Earlier this year, BBF Global Relief sent a 40-foot container shipment of medical supplies and durable medical equipment to the Dominican Republic. One of the recipients of the supplies was Fundación Hospital El Buen Samaritano (HBS), a nonprofit hospital that treats patients who cannot afford healthcare.

HBS identified Angel as a great candidate for a mobility cart, a tricycle that can be operated by using your hands. Angel’s new mobility cart has enabled him to move around more freely and reduce his dependence on others for assistance. In the past, the family used a wheelchair, but the rough terrain and underdeveloped areas often caused them to break or become unsuitable for use outside the home.

Three times a week, Angel undergoes therapy at the state Rehabilitation Clinic, where he receives speech therapy to enhance his cognitive development and physical therapy to strengthen his muscles. His physiotherapist emphasizes the importance of the donated mobility cart, as it empowers Angel’s independence and mobility.

Angel David, 13, uses his new mobility cart from BBF Global Relief to navigate his hometown in La Romana, Dominican Republic more freely. | Photos courtesy of Cross Catholic Outreach

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