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Antibiotics, Heart Medications Address Leading Causes of Death in El Salvador


Thousands of bottles of antibiotics, heart medication, and other needed pharmaceuticals were distributed to hospitals and health clinics in El Salvador, following the arrival of a shipment of donated medicines and supplies from Brother’s Brother Foundation.

El Salvador is the most densely populated country in Central America, despite having the least amount of land. Most of the population lives in and around the city capital of San Salvador, where most of the doctors and medical facilities are located as well. 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the Americas and El Salvador is no exception. Coronary artery disease is responsible for most deaths in the country, with chronic kidney disease, lower respiratory infections, and diabetes not far behind. People living in remote villages are at a greater risk for these diseases, as they often do not have enough money or access to medical resources to receive help. 

The pharmaceuticals and supplies donated by Brother’s Brother Foundation were distributed to 17 hospitals, health clinics and other community resources across the country. The resources helped workers in these areas provide care to El Salvador’s underserved communities, which are often forced to go without care. Heart medications and antibiotics were used to treat conditions such as hypertension and chest pain, while several types of antibiotics helped patients recover from lower respiratory infections and other bacterial infections. The shipment also included medication to regulate blood sugar levels and hospital beds.

[Brother’s Brother Foundation thanks Cross Catholic Outreach for their partnership on this shipment.]

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