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BBF Aid Expands Reach In Honduras

2021.09.27 CCO Shipment 10687 Honduras Photo 2

A recent shipment of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to Cross Catholic Outreach provided aid to 23 medical institutions in Honduras, eight of which received support from CCO’s distribution network for the first time.

In addition to antibiotics and medications for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, the container of medical supplies also included dental exam chairs and knee braces.

Roughly half the population in Honduras lives in poverty, making it difficult–if not impossible–for many to access health care and other necessary medical resources. Rural communities, in particular, will sometimes rely on non-governmental organizations for support, but many times are forced to go without care.

BBF sends CCO nearly 30 shipments of durable medical equipment, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals each year, giving on-the-ground distributing partners enough resources to expand their work to health facilities in new territories that have previously gone without care.

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