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BBF COVID-19 Response: A Note From The President

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As we face one of the most challenging times in modern day memory, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe under such trying circumstances. Foremost in our thoughts lie the well-being of family and friends, the wider BBF community, along with anxious and suffering people the world over. Our hearts go out especially to the elderly and those who have preexisting conditions or are in frail health; knowing that this makes an already difficult situation even more challenging.

BBF has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to our partners both here at home and in other areas of the world. We are working closely with local government agencies, major healthcare providers, and front-line responders locally here in Pittsburgh, nationally, and with our partners worldwide. PPE includes, but is not limited to, safety glasses, medical coveralls, disposable scrubs, face shields, surgical and respirator face masks, gloves, and infection control kits. To cope with today’s difficult circumstances, ER and other physicians have come to BBF facilities to pick up PPE for their staff. Given the potential demands on our own health systems, we are preparing to provide hospital beds either locally or to other cities around our country in case they are needed. We will also provide any other type of equipment and supplies that BBF may have available that are needed. BBF is working to potentially acquire N95 masks and other PPE from international distributors. This is to augment our donated supplies that have been rapidly depleted given the demand from healthcare partners. We’re also exploring additional funding opportunities to cover both acquisition and shipping costs.

The stories of hope and resilience in our newsletter including this one, take place only because supporters like you enable and empower them to happen. We want you to know about our work and collaborations and the invaluable impact that you are making. As conditions improve, I look forward to telling you more about projects such as BBF providing tents that serve as classrooms to school children in Guanica, Puerto Rico who were affected by the earthquakes, and a financially sustainable eye clinic that we are exploring with our partner organizations and dedicated medical professionals. In this model, those who can pay will subsidize others who are unable to do so. It is one that can be replicated in other areas that lack such critical facilities.

In our next newsletter we hope to be able to say that the worst of the crisis, at least the healthcare portion of it, is behind us. There will undoubtedly be many challenges to come for some time ahead with economic, financial, and career uncertainties, but we are optimistic that with our spirit intact, we can forge ahead and overcome these obstacles. Whether it has been wars or economic crises that have consumed our great nation or the world at large, in time we have persevered and come out ahead. Together, we will do so again.

Please know that we are thinking of you and wishing you and your families only the best.

To view the Brother’s Brother Foundation Operational changes due to COVID-19 response, please click here.

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