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BBF Reaches Syrians In Critical Need Of Aid


By Kaitlyn Nuebel

Nearly 9 million Syrians have been impacted by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck the country earlier this month, but delivering aid has proven difficult. Years of political turmoil have hindered humanitarian organizations from crossing the border – the first U.N. aid convoy arrived in the country three days after the disaster.

Despite these extensive logistical challenges, Brother’s Brother Foundation has found a way through to thousands of Syrians who, disoriented by homelessness and heartbreak, now face the added challenge of finding emergency care, warmth, and enough food and water for survival.

BBF responded to the disaster immediately by communicating with and supporting on-the-ground partner Life for Relief and Development. Working with their extensive networks of local resources and teams within Syria, BBF and LIFE have coordinated a large response without having to cross the Syrian border. As a result, BBF was able to provide victims with critical resources during the time it took for other humanitarian aid to arrive.

So far, BBF and LIFE have administered over 2,000 doses of 21 different kinds of medicine and hundreds of pieces of medical equipment to the Sahel specialist hospital in Syria. Displaced children and families in the city of Idlib are also receiving support, as BBF and LIFE have distributed 80 winter garments, 60 food baskets, and 100 hot meals in an ongoing response.

BBF is grateful for the support from its generous donors, who have enabled a quick and effective response to this disaster.


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