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Blossoming Beyond Program Update

Blossoming Beyond Breast Cancer Fund

We are thrilled to share an exciting update on our Blossoming Beyond breast cancer program. Thanks to the incredible support of our donors, our fall campaign was a tremendous success, allowing us to further our mission of providing vital assistance to those affected by breast cancer. Thank you to all who generously contributed.

In line with the Blossoming Beyond theme of holistic care, we are delighted to announce that a grant has been awarded to nonprofit Keepers of the Flame in Georgia. This grant will facilitate a pilot program offering counseling to women undergoing breast cancer treatment and those who have recently completed treatment.

Additionally, BBF is continuing to partner with RAD-AID and has provided a grant to support a women’s health program in Northern India. In collaboration with NIMS University Rajasthan, RAD-AID will launch a women’s mobile health program that among other services, will provide mammography for breast cancer.

Together, we are making a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer and promoting women’s health worldwide.