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Brother’s Brother Foundation Provides Medical Support To Guatemala

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Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) in partnership with Food for the Poor (FFTP) has been providing numerous essential medicines to the people of Guatemala. Despite being the largest country in Central America, the majority of Guatemalans live below the poverty line and their children suffer from severe malnutrition. Many Guatemalans lack access to health care. Instead, they must rely on donations for medicines and treatment. Conditions that can be easily treated and controlled with medicine, such as asthma, unnecessarily limit and negatively affect an individual’s life.

Doña Silvia, who was once an active member in her community, found herself forced to stay at home due to difficulty breathing from asthma. With few medical resources available, Doña has suffered from treatable bronchial asthma symptoms for years. BBF and FFTP were able to dramatically improve Doña’s quality of life by making albuterol sulfate available. “This medicine has helped me get my life back,” she said. “I cannot live without this medicine. I can breathe so much easier when I am able to get my treatments. Thank you to all the donors that make this possible for me.”

Byron Paredes, FFTP’s in-country partner representative also thanked BBF and their donors. “Their donations make it possible for us to continue to help the poor men, women, and children who have no other recourse but to depend on us. For that, I am most thankful.”

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