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How Has BBF Responded To COVID-19?

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BBF has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by providing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to our partners here at home, nationally and around the world. As a PA VOAD (Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster), we are working closely with local government agencies, major healthcare providers and front-line responders in the greater Pittsburgh region. In addition to hospitals, these local efforts focus on clinics serving the underprivileged and often homeless or otherwise in need members of society. We are also prepared to provide equipment, supplies, and hospital beds as requested.

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Menstrual Hygiene Pilot Program

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Did you know that many schoolgirls across the globe often miss school during their period? Due to taboos around menstruation, lack of menstrual products, and fear of staining, girls miss out on their normal activities including school attendance. This hinders their ability to keep up with the male students, and puts them at an educational disadvantage. We at Brother’s Brother are passionate about equal opportunities for people of all ages and genders, which is why we have set out to confront this issue.

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Succop Family Foundation Report

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Dear Trustees of the Thomas C. and Jo Ann Succop Family Charitable Foundation, Thank you for your generous support related to our ongoing response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Your grant has been instrumental in providing independent solar backup systems to vulnerable hospitals and clinics around the island. To date, Brother’s Brother Foundation has spent $69,091 to provide solar …