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Donation Strengthens Efforts to Lower Maternal Mortality Rate


A shipment of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from BBF Global Relief supported a training initiative to enhance the quality of maternal and newborn health services in Sierra Leone.  

BBF Global Relief sent a 40-foot container to the Healey International Relief Foundation in August 2023.

Since 2001, the Healey Foundation has helped Sierra Leone strengthen its healthcare system by caring for orphan and vulnerable children and providing disaster relief and recovery.

In January, the Healey Foundation and partner organizations led a two-day intensive training and a five-day conference in Bo, Sierra Leone, to improve the country’s maternal mortality rate. Supplies from BBF’s shipment supported the training initiative and the healthcare facilities represented at the event.

The leading causes of maternal death in Sierra Leone are obstetric hemorrhage, hypertension, obstructed labor, and sepsis. These causes of death can all be prevented if healthcare providers can recognize and respond to them effectively.  

A total of 94 healthcare workers who specialize in maternal and newborn health participated in the conference, having not received formal refresher training in two or more years. Remarkably, 83% of attendees successfully passed their skills assessments and received certificates. Post-conference evaluations revealed a notable 21% increase in healthcare workers’ confidence to execute life-saving procedures.

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