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Flamingos in Odd Places A Reminder of Idalia Disaster Relief

Flamingos in Odd Places A Reminder of Idalia Disaster Relief | Brother's Brother Foundation

We have been following (with fascination, mind you) stories of flamingos showing up in odd places in recent days. The famous pink birds have been spotted in Ohio, Texas, Virginia, in the Carolinas – all places where people don’t expect to see them. Hopefully, they will be a reminder of the need for Idalia disaster relief.

As best as scientists can tell, the displaced birds were prevented from reaching the Caribbean when Hurricane Idalia blew through Florida on August 29th and 30th. It seems that when the storm blew in, the birds made a beeline for the mid-Atlantic coast and Midwestern states. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. Nature knows how to take care of itself.

We humans do, too. But we face significantly different challenges when a storm like Idalia devastates local areas. And in the aftermath, people faced with devastating damage and loss need the assistance of disaster relief programs, charitable donations, and the efforts of nonprofit volunteer organizations.

The Second Year in a Row

Idalia’s arrival marked the second straight year Florida has been hit with a major hurricane with a name beginning with the letter ‘I’. Last year’s hurricane, Ian, left an unbelievable $109 billion in damage in its wake. Early estimates from Idalia are upwards of $5 billion. The numbers are likely to go higher.

That much damage suggests lots of homes and commercial structures were lost. It means most everything in the affected buildings was probably lost, too. Homeowners have been left without basics like food and clothing. Business owners have lost their livelihoods.

If there is any saving grace, it’s the fact that Ian and Idalia caused damage in two separate places. At least the same area wasn’t hit twice. Nonetheless, it will be a long time before those impacted in Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas get back to normal.

Disaster Relief Is on the Way

Here at Brother’s Brother Foundation, one of the things we most appreciate about American culture is the charitable nature of our people. Whenever disaster strikes, generous people step up to donate time, labor, resources, and money. People are ready to give, and that is good.

Brother’s Brother Foundation is now accepting donations to help with the Hurricane Idalia Disaster Relief. If you would like to get involved, follow the donation link here on our site. 

Disaster relief comes in many forms. Some victims of the storm are going to need help repairing their homes. Others have lost their homes entirely and will need to find a new place to live. There will be an ongoing need for the basics: food, toiletries, medicines, and clothing.

We Will Be There Next Time Too

It has been a year and most people have forgotten about Hurricane Ian. Time will pass and Idalia will become part of history as well. But Brother’s Brother Foundation and other disaster relief organizations will be there next time a devastating storm hits. We will be there with earthquake relief next time a strong temblor hits California. We will be there when tornadoes strike, fires rage, and spring floodwaters inundate.

Keep an eye out for wayward flamingos. Let them be a reminder of the need for Idalia disaster relief. Let them remind you that any little bit you can do to help means a lot.

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