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Guest Contribution: Healthcare on Wheels

KentuckyCare Mobile Health Van
By Hannah Schowe, Agency Writer at Think Idea Studio

KentuckyCare serves West Kentucky residents with a simple goal: “Health for All.” The medical
services organization proudly serves their patients with care and trust, while maintaining their
focus solely on improving individuals’ health. The Brother’s Brother Foundation has kindly
contributed a resource to KentuckyCare in accordance with the organization’s mission statement,
which will aid the organization in achieving its daily objectives. KentuckyCare received a
donation of a mobile health unit in response to the devastating tornado that ravaged Mayfield,
Kentucky, on December 10, 2021. By concentrating on the area’s short- and long-term medical
care needs, the contribution of the mobile health unit will help ensure that prompt and effective
healthcare services are easily accessible.

KentuckyCare received the donated mobile health unit from the Brother’s Brother Foundation on
September 11, 2023. The fatal and catastrophic aftermath of the Mayfield tornado exemplified
the need for a strong healthcare system and accessible medical treatment during unforeseen
emergencies. Designed for urgent situations like natural disasters or remote areas with limited
medical help, the mobile unit includes an examination room, a patient’s bed, a complete
laboratory, and a restroom. Vital healthcare services are provided to patients aboard the unit, such
as vaccinations, medicine refills, and basic health screenings, among others. Importantly, all
services within KentuckyCare’s mobile health unit are free, guaranteeing that those in need can
obtain essential healthcare supplies and medical assistance without any obstacles.

KentuckyCare greatly appreciates the mobile health unit’s substantial impact on improving health
in Western Kentucky. The unit is pivotal in helping the organization meet its goal of providing
quality healthcare services to everyone, regardless of their financial status. With the introduction
of the mobile health unit, KentuckyCare has extended its services to include schools, offering
services such as student physicals. This mode of service delivery, characterized by its mobility
and flexibility, also allows for significant participation in community events, facilitating basic
health checks. This enhancement has further strengthened KentuckyCare’s impact, ensuring
access to excellent medical care across communities and promoting a holistic approach to health.

“We greatly appreciate the Brother’s Brother Foundation’s donation of the mobile health unit.
This kind contribution assists us in becoming ready for the future while simultaneously taking
care of our immediate healthcare needs. We sincerely value this joint effort, as it has enhanced
our ability to provide even greater access to healthcare to the residents of West Kentucky,” said
Chris Gibson, Chief Operations Officer at KentuckyCare.

The mobile health unit exemplifies KentuckyCare’s significant commitment to addressing the
immediate healthcare needs of Western Kentucky and enhancing its preparedness for future
emergencies. This initiative reflects the shared dedication of KentuckyCare and the Brother’s
Brother Foundation to provide timely, compassionate, and conveniently accessible healthcare. It
underscores the collaborative effort of these organizations to ensure that every individual has the
fundamental right to health.

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