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Healthcare Program: Med-Surg Trips 2023


BBF supports U.S. doctors traveling to provide medical care and training in developing countries through our Medical-Surgical (Med-Surg) program. Non-profit organizations that travel with professionals who have authority to prescribe medication are eligible to request pharmaceuticals for their trip. BBF ships the medications to the organization domestically, which doctors then hand-carry into the country they’re visiting. 

By receiving medication through BBF’s Med-Surg program, doctors have the resources to provide care in overlooked communities without navigating the supply shortages, price hikes, and quality control issues they would likely experience if they were to purchase the pharmaceuticals upon their arrival. The program also benefits the patients, who receive medications for high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, high cholesterol, infections and other life-threatening diseases at no cost. 

In the first five months of 2023, BBF supported 21 organizations that traveled to a total of 18 countries. The medical care provided included routine dental and medical exams, screening for chronic diseases, as well as performing specialized surgeries and training local doctors.

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