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Hygiene Kits Arrive In Ukraine

01 - picture - Hygiene Kits Arrive in Ukraine

By Kaitlyn Nuebel

BBF’s shipment for Ukrainian Refugees included 3,191 hygiene kits assembled by local volunteers

Brother’s Brother Foundation shipped 20 pallets of hygiene supplies for Ukrainian refugees to Dnipro, a city in central Ukraine, at the end of July. The delivery, a community effort, was the culmination of the hygiene supply drive organized by the city and county back in April. After 11 days, the drive yielded more than a dozen pallets of supplies at nearly 60 locations across the area.

Local volunteers packaged the hygiene supplies into neat and easy-to-distribute kits with everyday necessities from bodywash and toothpaste to tissues and menstrual products. In total, BBF’s shipment to Ukraine contained 3,191 hygiene kits in addition to 12 other pallets of hygiene supplies donated by the community.

The International Orthodox Christian Charity (IOCC) received the shipment and, in partnership with a local rotary club, distributed the supplies to Ukrainian refugees in need.