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May Clean Water Flow

Infrastructure Program: May Clean Water Flow

Written by Dr. Steve Greene President and Founder of Hope for Ghana

2023 has been an exciting year for Hope for Ghana as we reach new heights, in large part because of the incredible partnership with Brother’s Brother Foundation. A strong relationship forged at the end of 2021 has been built on the similar visions of a grassroots charity on the ground in Africa and a foundation looking to foster sustainable change overseas. Brother’s Brother Foundation’s fingerprints are all over the work that Hope for Ghana takes such pride in.

In March 2023 Hope for Ghana opened its third school that already has over 250 children from kindergarten to sixth grade enrolled. This modern 8 classroom school has enormous gifts from Brother’s Brother Foundation including a water borehole and purification machine providing clean, potable water to the school and the community, solar power, and a state of the art computer lab. The community is so excited about the potential growth in this rapidly growing school that we are now planning for the addition of a junior high school.

On the heels of this exciting project, Hope for Ghana continued to give the gift of life, providing clean, potable water in remote villages where women and children previously had walked long distances to fetch dirty water, ensuring a community’s most basic need while significantly reducing waterborne disease. We were thrilled to take our water mission to a new level this year thanks to the benevolence of Brother’s Brother Foundation. The village of Ahlihadzi, where drilled water had been found to be undrinkable because of several impurities, now has their water going through a reverse osmosis purification machine ensuring the highest standard of clean, potable water, with all electricity provided by solar power.

Pure water at no cost to the village is sustainability at its best, all thanks to the immense generosity of Brother’s Brother Foundation. Our biggest water project ever is a testament to how a wonderful partnership is saving lives here in Ghana. Truly this special gift has changed a village forever. May clean water flow and may it never cease.

As all of this was going on, Brother’s Brother Foundation was packing up another medical shipment bound for Ghana. BBF’s second shipment of desperately needed medical supplies arrived in Ghana’s port in April 2023.

Twelve maternity delivery tables, 18 hospital beds and mattresses, several surgical instrument trays, 7 medical carts and thousands of disposable medical supplies were waiting to change the landscape of healthcare delivery in Ghana.

Clearing this 40’ container from Ghana’s port may have been the hardest project I’ve ever worked on in Ghana, but I was choked up with tears watching the joy that came from the long awaited arrival of Brother’s Brother Foundation‘s medical shipment in mid-July. I couldn’t have said it any better than Senyo, our Vice President of Operations, as he beautifully reflected the gratitude and joy of Hope for Ghana and his people. “We are so grateful for this donation. You are transforming lives. You are changing the face of medical health in Ghana. You are transforming the whole of Ghana!”

It was an unforgettable, emotional day celebrating the gift of life, as we later officially handed over Brother’s Brother Foundation’s generous medical supplies shipment on August 1st. A King, Chiefs, members of Ghana Health Service, doctors and nurses gratefully received the 8200 pounds of medical supplies with sheer joy. Thank you Brother’s Brother Foundation for transforming healthcare delivery in Ghana.

This is philanthropy at its best. This is what a beautiful collaboration and true partnership can bring to the world. Thank you Brother’s Brother Foundation for your love and commitment to our mission and the beautiful people of Ghana. You allow us all to dream big. You especially allow Ghanaians to dream big. You truly do change the whole of Ghana!

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