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Medical supplies and hospital beds provide critical aid to Hospital in Malawi

A red container truck with medical supplies arrives in Malawi.

A 40-foot container of medical supplies and medical equipment from BBF Global Relief has arrived at St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital in Nguludi, Malawi.  

The shipment includes 30 hospital beds donated by Joerns Healthcare, thousands of FIGS scrubs, and 10,000 syringes.  

Sister Mercy Kanyumbu, the hospital administrator of St. Joseph’s, said healthcare workers have already started to use the syringes.  

“Thank you for the support. You’re putting our hospital on the map because of the provision of quality services we are offering to the people,” she said.  

BBF’s shipment arrived during a period of economic hardship at the hospital. 

In March 2023, Cyclone Freddy cast six months of rain over Malawi in a span of just six days. The storm killed more than 1,200 people and washed away entire villages.  

BBF Global Relief sent over $180,000 dollars in aid to St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital after the cyclone, providing the hospital with tarps and crucial medical supplies.  

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