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Menstrual Hygiene Pilot Program


Did you know that many schoolgirls across the globe often miss school during their period? Due to taboos around menstruation, lack of menstrual products, and fear of staining, girls miss out on their normal activities including school attendance. This hinders their ability to keep up with the male students, and puts them at an educational disadvantage. We at Brother’s Brother are passionate about equal opportunities for people of all ages and genders, which is why we have set out to confront this issue.

On Friday, January 24th, Brother’s Brother Foundation hosted our first ever sewing event for reusable menstrual hygiene products. This is part of our upcoming program that will provide rural clinics and organizations with the products and information that will help women and girls empower themselves and live uninhibited by their menstrual cycle.

Five wonderful volunteers came to our office to help us make bright and colorful pads which will eventually be sent to a rural clinic in Guatemala. Along with three staff members, Becca Jones, Gina Pearlman, and Lauren Colella, the volunteers got to work tracing, cutting, and sewing the products. Eventually these pads will be part of our total menstrual hygiene kits which will include soap, a bag for washing the pads, and instructions on menstrual hygiene management (MHM).

Combining the products with crucial education on hygiene will hopefully have an impact on girls’ health and ability to thrive. We are aiming to increase our capacity for MHM projects so that girls all over the world can have the benefit of full school attendance. To stay up to date on this and other projects, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

If you have any supplies, fabric, or sewing equipment to donate, or are interested in volunteering, please contact Lauren Colella or Gina Pearlman for more information.

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