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New Partnership Brings Hope & Opportunity To Ghana


Article by Steve Greene, MD, Founder and CEO of Hope for Ghana

My recent five-week journey in Ghana was exhilarating, leaving village after village with a new sense of joy and hope. Eleven years after establishing Hope for Ghana, new projects and new partnerships have allowed Hope for Ghana to reach new heights.

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Brother’s Brother Foundation at the end of 2021. What was clear to all of us at this initial meeting was that Hope for Ghana’s vision was aligned perfectly with Brother’s Brother Foundation’s global vision.

On this most recent journey, Hope for Ghana’s third school has reached the roof level. Progress is astounding, and when completed in July it will provide a kindergarten and primary school with seven classrooms, library, staff room, access to clean water, solar power, bathrooms and a sewage system.

Hope for Ghana continued providing access to clean, potable water in nine more remote villages where women and children previously walked long distances to fetch dirty water, ensuring a community’s most basic need while significantly reducing water-borne disease.

An extraordinary partnership with Brother’s Brother Foundation has provided the incredibly generous gifts of solar power, the drilling and construction of a water borehole, and an elaborate reverse osmosis machine that purifies the water at Hope for Ghana’s new school site.

Brother’s Brother Foundation has ensured the purest, cleanest, potable water without any impurities to school children and an entire village in Ghana. They have ensured electricity 24 hours a day, at no cost to an impoverished village. School children will be able to read in the library and study at the school well into the evening. This is a sustainability at its best and the greatest gift of life!

BBF and Hope for Ghana are excited to plan for a large medical relief shipment of desperately needed medical supplies to a most vulnerable community in Ghana. On my recent trip, plans were made with the District Medical Director and leaders of all the local hospitals and clinics to understand their most pressing needs, and to plan a seamless orchestration of Brother’s Brother Foundation’s life-saving gift in the next few months.

The hope and joy in Ghana is abundant and beyond words. The wonderful partnership between BBF and Hope for Ghana is priceless, bringing hope and opportunity to the villages of Ghana today and for years to come.

Thank you Brother’s Brother Foundation for your vision and your commitment to transforming lives in the villages of Ghana. Together the possibilities are limitless.

One village at a time.