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On The Receiving End

On the Receiving End1

Four hospitals in the Dominican Republic are providing pertinent healthcare to patients, after receiving medical supplies from a 40-foot container shipment sent by Brother’s Brother Foundation.

From stretchers to forceps, supplies in BBF’s 10,000-pound are helping doctors provide quality healthcare at several facilities, including the Dr. Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital. Characterized by its excellent service and continuous improvement, Mendoz Pediatric Hospital diagnoses patients using with state-of-the-art technologies. Without necessary supplies such as bandages and shoulder immobilizers, however, doctors cannot follow-up with the appropriate treatment.

Other facilities on the receiving end of BBF’s shipment, such as The San Lorenzo de los Mina Maternal Children’s Hospital, train medical students in fields such as obstetrics and gynecology and pediatrics. Having an ample number of necessary supplies allows these programs to continue, thereby improving the quality of future healthcare in the Dominican Republic.

Medical supplies from BBF’s shipment also supported the Cruz Jiminian Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides free healthcare to people unable to access medical care due to location or price. With 20 percent of the people in the Dominican Republic living below the poverty line, Cruz Jiminian Foundation addresses the medical needs in a community that often goes overlooked.

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