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Partnership Delivers Pharmaceuticals To Haiti

02 - Picture - Partnership Delivers Pharmaceuticals to Haiti

By Kaitlyn Nuebel

Brother’s Brother Foundation in partnership with Lupin Pharmaceuticals and Food For The Poor supplied Haitians in Nord-Ouest with hypertension screenings and free medication.

With only one health facility for 700,000 people, it is not easy for Haitians in Nord-Ouest, the country’s poorest region, to access medical care. Ninety-eight percent of residents live in rural areas, and of those who can travel to the health facility, a lack of supplies and equipment prevent many from receiving the treatment they need.

Brother’s Brother Foundation partnered with Food For The Poor and Clinique Mobile Jean Rabel to provide medical treatment to Haitians impacted by Nord-Ouest’s healthcare void. The mobile clinic conducted community-wide screenings for hypertension. Lupin Pharmaceuticals donated three different types of hypertension medications to BBF, which were given to patients free of charge.

“Thanks to the donation of hypertensive medication, we were able to equip the mobile clinic,” says Valentine Guirand, an in-country partner representative.

The partnership also impacted community members such as Didier, age 9, who was suffering from a red and itchy ringworm rash when he visited the mobile clinic. His father, Mr. Etienne, paid $1 for an evaluation and Didier received free medication before he left the clinic.

“Thank you, thank you so much for this medicine for my son,” Mr. Etienne said. “I would not have been able to obtain it for my son, otherwise.”

Brother’s Brother Foundation’s partnership with Food for the Poor and Health and Clinique Mobile Jean Rabel provided hypertension screenings and medication to Haitians who lack access to healthcare in Nord-Ouest. | Photo courtesy of Food for the Poor Image