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Partnership Provides Support and Training In Ugandan Schools

Partnership Provides Support and Training in Ugandan Schools 1

By Kaitlyn Nuebel

In addition to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 in Ugandan schools, BBF and iEquip International, are also bridging Uganda’s digital divide between rural and urban communities.

A grant from Brother’s Brother Foundation allowed students in Pakwach, Uganda, to enter the classroom safely, despite a pandemic. In partnership with iEquip International, BBF distributed 2,500 reusable facemasks to 10 schools in Uganda’s Pakwach District. The initiative, “No COVID-19 Case in Schools,” also installed 10 easily accessible hand washing stations and educated students and staff on safety practices during COVID-19 safety.

“The face masks you have brought to us and our learners have helped a lot because we had gone to the extent of sending children without face masks home. But now, learners can study with a peace of mind,” the head teacher of Pajobi Primary and Blind Annex School said in statement.

Students who attend schools in the Pakwach District learn in close quarters—the average lower primary classroom has more than 125 students and only one desk for every eight students. BBF and IEquip’s donation has not only protected students and school staff from contracting COVID-19 but mitigated the spread of other diseases and illnesses by improving hygiene.

BBF’s latest work with iEquip International has also helped dozens of teachers develop skills in information and communications technology (ICT). The 10-week program, designed to bridge the digital gap between urban and rural schools, trains teachers on how they can access better tools and teaching methods for their students by using computer programs such as Microsoft Office. Seventeen teachers finished the program in May and 26 more are set to complete it by the end of July.

Teachers in Uganda’s Pakwach District hold up their certificates after completing a 10-week ICT training course.


Teachers participate in an ICT training program in the Pakwach Secondary School Computer Lab.

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