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Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies Support Hospital in Honduras

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A donation of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies from BBF Global Relief was distributed to patients at El Progreso Hospital in Yoro, Honduras.

Dr. Andy Rosales and Dr. Gladys Lopez, the hospitals administrator’s, lit up with joy upon receiving the much-needed supplies.

El Progreso Hospital’s demand for services far outstrips the available resources. Every month, more than nine thousand patients seek medical assistance at the hospital, battling chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, lung problems such as COPD and pneumonia, and many other health challenges faced by the local population.

In the corridors of El Progreso Hospital and countless others across Honduras, thousands of stories of medical need intertwine. The reality is daunting for most of the patients, who often leave with a prescription in hand, but facing shortages in local pharmacies and limited resources to purchase medications out of pocket, have make the impossible choice between prioritizing food for their families or the medicine that could alleviate their pain.

Nelly, a young mother with epilepsy, is often one of these patients. She goes to El Progreso Hospital for regular check-ups with a doctor and gets ger lab tests done to monitor her health. But some of the medications she needs are not always available in the hospital.

BBF’s donation, which included pharmaceuticals to treat seizures, gout, congestive heart failure and other chronic conditions, provided patients like Nelly with the medicines they need to live full, healthy lives.

Dr. Rosales expressed his gratitude for your generous donations, saying that basic supplies such as syringes, adhesive tape, catheters, nebulizer masks, surgical supplies, medicines, and anesthesia are products highly needed for daily service in the hospital.

Photo caption: Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies donated by BBF Global Relief were delivered to El Progreso Hospital in Yoro, Honduras. | Photo courtesy of Cross Catholic Outreach

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