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Pittsburgh City Council Declares November 14 Brother’s Brother Foundation Day

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By Kaitlyn Nuebel

The City of Pittsburgh designated November 14, 2022, as Brother’s Brother Foundation Day in recognition of the organization’s recent aid in Pittsburgh and Ukraine. Bobby Wilson, the councilman for District 1, presented Ozzy Samad, BBF president, and Tom Wentling, BBF Board Chair, with the proclamation Monday morning during a City Council meeting in the City-County Building downtown.

“I think it’s so important to recognize the local groups that really have stepped up, not only during the pandemic but also just whenever there’s a crisis in the world,” Wilson said. “The support has been incredible, especially working with all the partners to get those supplies to the battlefield in Ukraine during these times.”’

BBF’s recognition comes after the organization raised more than $3.3 million for the BBF Ukraine Relief Fund. 100% of the donations to the fund are used for Ukraine relief efforts and logistics. In the past nine months, the fund has supported plans for new rehabilitation clinics in Ukraine; combatted pharmaceutical shortages by airlifting medications directly to doctors with patients in need; funded crucial therapy for children with developmental disorders; supported mental health initiatives aimed at providing awareness and treatment to first aid responders and civilians; and assembled 5,000 hygiene kits for Ukrainian refugees.

Wilson also acknowledged BBF’s sustainable efforts, stating the organization is “leading the way for companies in Pittsburgh in terms of energy use.” In September, BBF received a grant to install solar panels expected to offset 92% of the organization’s annual energy costs. The grant also supplied the building with six electric vehicle chargers that are accessible for public use.

BBF President Ozzy Samad thanked the City Council and the residents of Pittsburgh for their support on behalf of the organization, which is in the city’s North Side.

“There are a number of things that we are proud to have been able to do, but the most important to us is being a part of the city of Pittsburgh,” Samad said. Image

[City Councilman Bobby Miller presents Ozzy Samad, Brother’s Brother Foundation president, and Tom Wentling, Brother’s Brother Foundation board chair, with a proclamation designating Nov. 14, 2022 as Brother’s Brother Foundation Day. ]Image

[Pittsburgh City Council presents Brother’s Brother Foundation staff and board members with the proclamation.]Image

[Staff and Board Members from Brother’s Brother Foundation stand outside Pittsburgh’s City-County Building after being recognized by the City Council for aiding the local community and supporting relief efforts in Ukraine.

From left to right: Liam Carstens (Vice President of Programs), Ozzy Samad (President), Antonella Ferraro (Accounting Assistant & Bookkeeper), Kaitlyn Nuebel (Content & Creative Writer), Tayler Hutton (Development Coordinator), Daniel Delaney (Board Member). ]

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