Blossoming Beyond: Celebrating Second Chances Breast Cancer Fund

The Brother’s Brother Foundation Breast Cancer Fund was started in October of 2021 by Laura Kelly, BBF’s Vice President of Communications and Development, following her own diagnosis of Stage III Invasive Breast Cancer.

Thanks to the incredible support of our donors, our recent 2023 fall campaign was a tremendous success. We are delighted to announce that a grant has been awarded to the nonprofit Keepers of the Flame in Georgia. This grant will facilitate a pilot program offering counseling to women undergoing breast cancer treatment and those who have recently completed treatment.

Additionally, BBF continues to partner with RAD-AID and has provided a grant to support a women’s health program in Northern India. In collaboration with NIMS University Rajasthan, RAD-AID will launch a women’s mobile health program that among other services, will provide mammography for breast cancer. Read how 2022 BBF Breast Cancer funds to RAD-AID have made an impact in Tanzania here

The Blossoming Beyond fund has supported patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer or prostate at the infusion center at St. Luke's Montefiore Hospital in New York—where Laura also received treatment—and Ribbons of Love, a program that provides medical treatment to women battling cancer in Honduras. 

In 2023, the program expanded to support and offer resources for those who have recently completed treatments. The Blossoming Beyond campaign is dedicated to funding post-recovery support that empowers breast cancer survivors to flourish in their new chapters of life.

"It takes a significant amount of resources for a person to regain their health following breast cancer treatment, and supportive care is not always prioritized following the conclusion of treatments. Many cannot afford the extra expenses associated with post-surgery counseling or therapy," said Laura. "Supportive services are essential in recovery—both physical and emotional healing - and are associated with better overall outcomes."

We have introduced several different ways to support the Breast Cancer Fund, each named after a flower that symbolizes strength. The daffodil, tulip, and iris are bulb flowers that blossom in the spring following challenging and difficult winter conditions. Join us in empowering breast cancer survivors as they blossom beyond their diagnosis.

Blossoming Beyond Giving Levels
Blossoming Beyond Breast Cancer Fund