Ukraine Response

BBF's response to the war in Ukraine began in March 2022 and is ongoing. Current efforts include supplying critically needed medications, medical supplies, and humanitarian relief to Ukrainian civilians and refugees.

Through donors’ generosity, we have flown more than 650 pallets (equal to 32 shipping containers) of relief supplies to Ukraine, provided ten generators to hospitals near the front lines, supported training for mental health professionals, and purchased state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation equipment.  

Ukraine Relief

BBF's ongoing response to the war in Ukraine includes supplying critically needed medications, medical supplies, and humanitarian relief to those impacted in Ukraine itself and to refugees in Poland.

Ukraine Neurology

Brother's Brother Foundation is working closely with physicians in the United States and Ukraine to support those suffering from neurological illness in Ukraine.

There are approximately 250,000 people living with epilepsy in Ukraine, 40,000 of those are under 15 years old. During the war, many lost access to therapeutic medications, which can have life threatening complications.

Operation Renew Prosthetics

Operation Renew Prosthetics (ORP) is a program run by Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics (MCOP) to provide prosthetics for Ukrainian soldier amputees injured in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The program operates out of MCOP’s offices on the east coast of the United States and through its European facility in Malta.

Request Aid

Brother’s Brother Foundation proudly partners with organizations worldwide to deliver shipping containers of important medical supplies and equipment to the hospitals and clinics that need it most.

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