Operation Renew Prosthetics

Operation Renew Prosthetics (ORP) is a program run by Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics (MCOP) to provide prosthetics for Ukrainian soldier amputees injured in the ongoing war in Ukraine. The program operates out of MCOP’s offices on the east coast of the United States and through its European facility in Malta. During the first three months of operation, it has provided prosthetics and rehabilitation services for twelve severely wounded soldiers, with rehabilitation services being provided by the Adventist Healthcare System. Two other partners, Future for Ukraine (FFU) and Revived Soldiers Ukraine (RSU), are assisting with transporting, housing, and feeding the soldiers and their traveling companions.

Our expectation and goal is to continue to expand the program to address the needs of thousands of Ukrainian service members suffering from limb loss due to the war. One of the program’s primary objectives is to create a state-of-the-art prosthetics center in Ukraine. MCOP will also provide training to Ukrainians in-country, so they are better able to address needs locally. This will also allow for the transition from what has been described as an antiquated Soviet system of care, to a more effective modern-day approach for treating amputations resulting from blast injuries. Per MCOP’s CEO Mike Corcoran: “it’s not a one and done matter of fitting them with one prosthetic, but instead being able to support their livelihood and contribution to rebuilding their country over the coming years.”

Operation Renew Prosthetics Background

MCOP’s extensive experience in treating limb loss due to blast injuries stems from its work as an exclusive contractor to the Department of Defense during the Iraq and Afghan wars. Operating out of Walter Reed Hospital, MCOP provided prosthetics for 1,100 US military amputees, or approximately 70% of such soldiers receiving prosthetics resulting from both wars. MCOP is now treating Ukrainian soldiers with often similarly complex blast injuries requiring prosthetic solutions.

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