Ukraine Response

BBF's ongoing response to the war in Ukraine includes supplying critically needed medications, medical supplies, and humanitarian relief to Ukrainian civilians and refugees. Through donors’ generosity, we have flown over 650 pallets (equal to 32 shipping containers) of relief supplies to Ukraine, provided ten generators to hospitals near the front lines, supported training for mental health professionals, and purchased state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation equipment.  

March 2024

BBF sends 1 pallet of Patagonia clothing to support on-the-ground operations led by Revived Soldiers Ukraine.  

BBF sends 3 pallets of medical supplies and FIGS scrubs to St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv.  

A grant to Doctors Collaborating to Help Children provides prosthetics to children injured in the war 

BBF funds a program to provide therapy for Ukrainian children trapped in the Zaporizhzhia region 

BBF sends 12,000 surgical face masks and 1,720 medium-weight isolation gowns to support medical workers in Lviv.  

January 2024

BBF sends 8 pallets of disaster response supplies and Patagonia clothing to Lviv.  

BBF signs a grant to give four wounded servicemen prosthetics and rehabilitation treatment in the United States.  

Funding from BBF supports an initiative to equip Ukrainian healthcare workers with essential skills, from ultrasound diagnostics to mental health support and emergency medical care.  

BBF provides a second grant to support economically disadvantaged students pursuing nursing degrees at Sambir Medical College.  

December 2023

BBF sends a shipment of medical and wound care supplies to the Ukrainian National Medical University in Kyiv, Ukraine, where it will be distributed to frontline community hospitals in urgent need of supplies. This is the third shipment of supplies BBF has sent to the university since the war startedThe most recent shipment of supplies came from the University of Virginia Health System, Highmark Health and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Trinity Health System in Steubenville, Ohio. 

November 2023

BBF sends six pallets of medical supplies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center to Odessa, Ukraine

October 2023

BBF donates a second 40-foot container of hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers and other durable medical equipment to Convoy of Hope. The shipment is sent to the village of Kriukivshchyna, Ukraine.

7 more pallets of medical supplies from the University of Nebraska are sent to Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

4 Ukrainian physicians from First Medical Union of Lviv travel to Boston to attend the Medical Scholars at Risk program at Massachusetts General Hospital and Bringham and Women’s Hospital, through support from BBF. The 3-week training teaches doctors cutting-edge medical procedures and techniques they can use to enhance medical care for patients in Ukraine enduring the hardships of war.

September 2023

BBF funds tuition and housing for nursing students attending Sambir Medical College in Sambir, Ukraine

August 2023

A grant to Operation Mordechai supports Ukrainian women and children continuing their education as refugees.

A shipment of 1,440 bottles of antiseizure medication, 4 pallets of medical supplies and 2 pallets of disaster response supplies are sent to St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv.

BBF donates a 40’ container of medical supplies, tarps, wheelchairs, canes and hospital beds to Convoy of Hope. The shipment is sent to the village of Kriukivshchyna, Ukraine.

BBF provides a grant to support continued operations at the mental health crisis center in Lithuania. Since opening, the center has provided more than 800 consultations to Ukrainian and Belarussian refugees.

A grant to Revived Soldiers Ukraine provides funding for a training treadmill that helps patients with neurological disorders and injuries overcome walking difficulties.

July 2023

A grant to Music in World Cultures sends 120 Ukrainian children to two week-long music camps in Mukachevo and Khotiv.

4 pallets of medical supplies donated by the University of Nebraska Medical Center are sent to Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

June 2023

BBF partners with DTCare to send more than 900 Meals-Ready-to-Eat to Ukraine.

14 pallets of EEG machines, antiseizure medications, prosthetics, hygiene supplies, clothing, and reusable water bottles are distributed to on-the-ground partners in Lviv.

May 2023

A second shipment of endodontic materials used for maxillofacial reconstructive surgeries arrives in Lviv.

The pieces for assembling a linear accelerator machine arrive in Kyiv. Once complete, the machine will provide precise radiation treatment to cancer patients who have forgone treatment during the war. The shipment is the first step toward creating a state-of-the-art cancer facility at the National Medical University in Kyiv through a partnership between Brother's Brother Foundation, theAHN Cancer Institute, Radiating Hope and the Elekta neuroscience company.

Working alongside Dr. Alexander Kirichenko from Allegheny General Hospital, BBF sends 7 pallets of medical and disaster response supplies to Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv

8 pallets of medical supplies donated by the University of Nebraska Medical Center are sent to Mykolaiv, Ukraine

April 2023
March 2023

Brother's Brother Foundation partnerswith DTCare to send 30 boxes of Patagonia provisions to Ukraine, a total of 3,552 packets of banana breakfast grains, tsampa soup, and mushroom savory grains. The meals are distributed to civilians unable to access food and towns with food shortages.

BBF sends tourniquets to support on-the-ground operations being carried out by Revived Soldiers Ukrainein Irpin.

BBF donates 226 Meals-Ready-to-Eat to DT Gruelle, which will ship them to Ukraine

February 2023

Two portable powerstations donated by Backcountry leave BBF’s warehouse and are sent to Zaporizhia, Ukraine, where they will help displaced families. Using lithium batteries and solar energy, these machines can power a wide range of appliances and medical devices in a safe and reliable way.

BBF sends another five pallets of medical supplies donated bythe University of Nebraska Medical Center to Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

BBF sends an immunoassay analyzerto the oncology unit at the Pediatric Hospital in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Health care workers use this piece of laboratory equipment to measure chemotherapy levels in the blood. Before receiving the machine, families had to travel 7 hours to visit the closest lab.

BBF attends and sponsors From Orlando to Ukraine, a fundraiser hosted by Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a partner organization that helps Ukrainian soldiersrehabilitate and recover from complicated injuries.

January 2023

BBF grant procures and distributes essential medicines and medical supplies to two health facilities in Kyiv: Irpin Policlinic and Bucha Ambulatory.

Five, 32kW generators are purchased for psychiatric hospitals and social care homes in Ukraine. During blackouts, the generators guarantee electricity, allowing medical professionals to continue caring for patients.

Shipments of medical supplies arrive at Izyum Hospital and soldiers on the front lines.

Donated by the University of Nebraska Medical Center, BBF sends a 10-pallet shipment to Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

BBF ships 88 pallets of warm clothing, sleeping bags, quilts to help residents endure the winter. Items were donated by Backcountry Gear.

December 2022

50 Chromebooks, donated by the Hendrick Hudson Community Educational Foundation, arrive in Buchach, Ukraine. The computers are a vital resource in helping students learn lessons in math, foreign language, literature and geography, and nature.

November 2022

BBF collaborates with Revived Soldiers of Ukraine, Operation Namaste and Hanger Foundation on a relief mission to Lviv, Ukraine to work to restore mobility to approximately 50 people who had lost their limbs as a result of the ongoing war.

BBF is recognized by the Pittsburgh City Council and November 14, 2022 is declared Brother’s Brother Foundation Day, in part due to BBF’s work in Ukraine.

Brother’s Brother Foundation provides a grant to the Center for Development and Socialization Sensitive Child Space at a hospital in the First Medical Union to fund therapy and programs that address the needs of Ukrainian children with developmental disorders. So far, the initiative has provided 14 children with a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists who teach skills to help them become independent and feel empowered. In total, this amounts to 148 classes focused on topics including sensory integration, preparation for school, and speech therapy.

2,700 Rapid COVID Antigen Self-Test kits are sent to the Saint Nicholas Children's Hospital in Lviv. Tanner Pharmaceuticals donated the test kits.

September 2022

Brother’s Brother Foundation welcomes U.S. Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce, Diane Farrell, to our warehouse and office facilities. During her visit, Farrell recognizes BBF for its relief efforts and prompt response to the crisis in Ukraine.

Cummings' Candy and Coffee partners with People’s Gas through the company’s Eat, Drink, Help Program, and adds the Brother’s Brother Foundation logo to their coffee cup. People’s Gas donated $1 to the BBF Ukraine Fund for each cup sold.

August 2022

To support mental health relief in Ukraine, Brother’s Brother Foundation provides a grant to the Federation Global Initiative on Psychiatry (FGIP). The program aims to deliver medical supplies, medications, and food for psychiatric hospitals; provide psychological aid and guidance to both mental health professionals and the general population (including first responders); and open crisis centers specifically prepared to navigate language barriers in neighboring countries for refugees. The first center opened in Lithuania.

July 2022

Brother’s Brother Foundation ships 20 pallets of hygiene supplies for Ukrainian refugees to Dnipro, a city in central Ukraine. The delivery, a community effort, is the culmination of the hygiene supply drive organized by the city and county back in April. After 11 days, the drive yielded more than a dozen pallets of supplies at nearly 60 locations across the area.

June 2022

BBF provides 100 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems to Ukraine. NWPT treats systemic inflammation by drawing out fluid and infection from a wound to help it heal. A special dressing (bandage) is sealed over the wound and a gentle vacuum pump is attached.

May 2022

Another shipment of relief supplies is on its way to the front lines in Ukraine. BBF funded this shipment in partnership with Pittsburgh Technology Council. Additional collaboration efforts and supplies will soon follow.

Pittsburgh Hires Veterans donates proceeds from their 3rd annual Bike Tour.

Medical supply shipment: Supplies are distributed to the infectious disease hospital, military hospital, and children’s hospital. Additional pallets of disinfectant wipes are sent to the city of Mykolaiv where residents only have access to bottled water after the main water pipes in the city were destroyed.

In collaboration with Father Jason Charron and the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church and UPMC, 20 Pallets of medical supplies and equipment are sent to military hospitals in Ukraine.

April 2022

Portable X-Ray machine plus sixteen pallets of medical supplies and equipment are sent to Ukrainian MOH in Lviv for distribution to Kyiv and other locations.

Stand for Ukraine Concert is held. Under the direction of Pauline Rovkah, Artistic and Piano Program Director at Chatham University, and in collaboration with musicians from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the event raises money for BBF’s Ukraine relief efforts.

BBF air ships 13 pallets of MRE (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) with five donated by the Salvation Army and eight by DT Care.

Ghost of Ukraine lecture / recital fundraiser at Chatham University for BBF’s Ukraine Relief efforts.

BBF air ships 18 pallets of soap, wipes, hygiene and personal supplies, bandages, disinfectants, hand-sanitizer, and assorted products donated by DT Care.

March 2022

Giant Eagle donates a shipment of 25 Pallets of baby food, wipes, diapers, soap, toothbrushes/toothpaste, bandages, granola/grain bars, and feminine hygiene products to be sent via air to Warsaw, Poland. They are distributed to refugees at reception centers in Poland and internally displaced persons in Lviv, Ukriane.

BBF establishes direct relationship with Salvation Army team in Poland to receive and distribute supplies to refugee reception centers and take them into Ukraine as needed.

Allegheny Health Network donates a shipment of 72 Pallets of wound care supplies and medications are sent via air and ground to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in Lviv, Ukraine.