Education Program

BBF’s education program began with publishers donating books to us for recipients in countries around the world. The program has since grown to working with local communities to help repair schools damaged by disasters, installing solar power panels, providing refurbished computers along with educational software, and providing sporting equipment for a holistic learning experience.

About the Program

While traveling on a medical mission to Liberia in 1961, Mrs. Gussie Hingson, wife of BBF founder Dr. Robert Hingson, noticed a lack of educational materials in many if not all of their schools. As a result of this trip, BBF’s Education Program was formed and the first collection of 100,000 school textbooks were sent to Liberia in 1962.

The program has since grown to not only provide donated educational materials but we also work with local communities to help repair schools damaged by hurricanes and other natural calamities such as earthquakes. In 2023, with the help of our partners, BBF sent 25 education shipments to partners around the world and supported education programs in Haiti, Ghana, Syria, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, and Gambia, as well as local education programs in the Pittsburgh area.

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