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Blossoming Beyond

Celebrating Second Chances Two years after being diagnosed with invasive stage III breast cancer, Laura Kelly recently returned from the doctor with good news: her PET scan came back clear. She was cancer free from head to toe. “It was such an incredible feeling of relief, knowing the PET scan results. That night I slept…

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One Of The Largest Global Efforts For Wuhan Leaving Pittsburgh Today

Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) will be shipping one of the largest global relief packages combatting the Coronavirus to China from their Northside location today with global giant Alibaba, Air China, and a coalition of Pittsburgh organizations.

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US Charity Groups Show Support In Fight Against Covid-19

People from all sectors in the US have joined together to send medical supplies to China in the fight against Covid-19.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sister city to Wuhan, is home to the Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF). The charity recently sent 180,000 medical face masks and protective equipment to China to help fight against the coronavirus outbreak. On January 12, BBF sent its first shipment via Air China from John F. Kennedy Airport.

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Menstrual Hygiene Pilot Program

Did you know that many schoolgirls across the globe often miss school during their period? Due to taboos around menstruation, lack of menstrual products, and fear of staining, girls miss out on their normal activities including school attendance. This hinders their ability to keep up with the male students, and puts them at an educational disadvantage. We at Brother’s Brother are passionate about equal opportunities for people of all ages and genders, which is why we have set out to confront this issue.

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