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Refugees, Solar Power & Water

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Article by Abigael Siecinski

Over the past two months, Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF) Program Department has been busy with disaster relief efforts and the need for healthcare support. We want to highlight our infrastructure work, as well as a new and important local partnership.

The world watched as the Taliban took Afghanistan in August 2021, leading to thousands of individuals fleeing their country. The city of Pittsburgh warmly opened its doors to refugees arriving in the United States. BBF is proud to partner with the local branch of the Jewish Family and Children Services (JFCS) to help support these Afghan Nationals in their transitions by arranging housing, schooling, and community support for incoming emigrants. This partnership is prepared to help the families arriving in Pittsburgh during this time.

We are delighted to work with Solar Village Projects to add solar infrastructure capacities to a primary health center in India. This will allow life-saving procedures to occur uninterrupted by power outages or blackouts. The continuity of healthcare provided by solar power makes it a tremendous blend of our infrastructure and healthcare goals. In our recent water and sanitation efforts, we have partnered with Hearts-4-Kidz to help install a water tower and tank system to the Todee Vocational Institute and Soccer Academy in Liberia, Africa. This system will provide running water, plumbing, and sanitation access across the entire campus. In addition, the sale of water in the surrounding community will provide the school with a sustainable income.

BBF is proud of all the diversified program areas in which we can create positive impacts in our community and around the world. Thank you for your support!

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