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The mission of Brother’s Brother Foundation could not be achieved without the success of our programs. Thanks to those who share our vision and contribute, our work can continue to uplift and empower those in need.

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Ways to give

Brother’s Brother Foundation relies upon the generosity of our donors who want to make a difference. Monetary donations make it possible to continue our health, infrastructure, disaster response, and educational programs around the globe.


Become a part of our community by volunteering your time to help with our hygiene kit program. Volunteer opportunities are located at our warehouse in the North Side of Pittsburgh.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporations have a broad global reach and a large responsibility to the social impact. Brother’s Brother Foundation partners with businesses that want to show their commitment to the well-being of communities and society

Stories of impact

We Are Changing the World!

Summer Camp In Ukraine

The chances of finding any summer camp in a war-torn country like Ukraine would seem unlikely, but it’s here where the role of summer camp and its diversions and merriment become even more important. Summer camp has a way of evoking joy. What starts as a break from routine turns into a season of excitement that can only exists when school is out of session. "We had a child last summer who said, 'This is the first time I've been happy since the war started,'" Steve Benham, president of Music in World Cultures (MIWC), said. MIWC held two summer camps in the Ukrainian regions of Khotiv and Mukachevo in 2022. In both regions, it served children who lived in the cities prior to the war,...
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