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Tornado Season

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Severe tornado outbreaks brought a devastating start to 2023 for many towns throughout the United States. By the end of April, a total of 595 tornadoes claimed 63 lives across 10 states. The death toll is unsettlingly close to the yearly average of 71, especially given that the brunt of tornado season usually continues through June. 

Meteorologists attribute this year’s heightened tragedies to stronger tornadoes and worse timing. Many storms occurred at night when they are twice as fatal. As one tornado followed another, televisions across America reinforced a harsh truth that disasters can strike anywhere and in the most vulnerable of moments. 

When timing is unpredictable, preparation is everything. 

The Brother’s Brother Foundation warehouse remains stocked with emergency supplies to enable quick responses. Bottles of water, tarps, hygiene kits—these items are kept stocked and ready to go in the wake of a storm. In the hours following these tornado outbreaks, BBF staff reached out to local organizations about the best way to meet each community’s needs. BBF supported on-the-ground recovery efforts in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas by shipping supplies that aided displaced residents and giving grants to local food banks. 

BBF also supplied 2,296 hygiene kits to on-the-ground organizations involved in local tornado responses. The drawstring bags are filled with everyday essentials disaster victims often go without in the days following a storm, including toothbrushes, shampoo, wipes and more. Volunteers in and around the Pittsburgh region assemble each hygiene kit at our warehouse on the North Side in Pittsburgh. Image