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Latest Donation from McGraw Hill Brings Education Resources to the Philippines and Honduras

Following a generous donation from McGraw Hill, BBF is sending over 120,000 books and vocabulary cards to schools in the Philippines and Honduras. On-the-ground partners ChildFund International and Children International will distribute nine shipments of education materials to schools teaching kindergartners to ninth graders.

The recent donation is valued at more than $15 million.  BBF has partnered with McGraw Hill to improve education in underserved communities for over 15 years, providing more than $344 million of education resources to 47 countries.

Last year, donations provided 230,000 books to schools in Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and The Gambia. The donation made an enormous impact, supporting 57 schools in The Gambia, 135 schools in Sierra Leone, and 95 schools in Ghana. Read below to learn the impact of last year’s shipments.

“These textbooks will go a very long way in improving teaching and learning in the school because we were seriously challenged in terms of library books” 

Mr. Musa E. Njie, Head teacher of Berending Lower Basic School, The Gambia

“The books were received well by both teachers and parents of the children. As a result, parents volunteered and came to the school, cleared the library by removing all unused books and replaced them with the donated textbooks in the shelves for use by staff and children”.

Sukai Jobe, Head mistress at Jamagen Joka Lower Basic School, The Gambia

“The textbooks are very much relevant to the curriculum and are very easy to read and understand. I can tell you children like them because I do see them using them even though we don’t have a library facility, but the books are kept in one of the empty classrooms in which children can access the books.”

Mrs. Jargne, head teacher of Challa Lower Basic School, The Gambia

Thank you for these books that were distributed to us. These books would help improve teaching and learning.” 

Aildu Adongo, 35 years old, teacher, Ghana

“My name is David Adjei. Thank you for these wonderful books you have provided us. We would love to get more of this from you.”

David Adjei, 7 years old, student, Ghana.
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