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Ukraine Response Update


Ukraine Neurology Initiative
In April, BBF purchased and sent four EEG machines to hospitals and are currently working to send another three. By measuring the electrical activity in the brain, EEG machines enable doctors to diagnose and treat epilepsy and other conditions that may cause abnormal brain activity, such as head trauma.

BBF also provided a grant to the EMERGEN Foundation to supply seizure medications to St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv. 

This follows several other BBF grants and shipments that have addressed the shortage of neurology medications. Helping Pediatric Surgeons Perform Less Invasive Surgeries 
The Dnipro Children’s Hospital has become a major treatment center for children in Eastern Ukraine who have sustained injuries from the war. BBF sent the hospital two shipments of surgical equipment that have made it possible for doctors to operate less invasively by using endoscopes. Not only does this equipment enable a faster recovery, but it also limits scarring. In cases where a child has wounds impacting visible or delicate areas of the body, such as the head or neck, these surgeries can improve their quality of life. 

Improving Access to Cancer Treatments
BBF joined a partnership with the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute (AHNCI), Radiating Hope, and the Elekta Neuroscience company to provide specialized cancer equipment and training to medical professionals at the National Medical University in Kyiv. In May, BBF shipped a linear accelerator (LINAC) machine to the University, where it will be used to treat cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments. 

BBF has pledged $25,000 to support AHNCI as they make site visits to train Ukrainian medical professionals how to operate the equipment.

Keeping Civilians Warm Through the Winter
A new partnership with Patagonia helped BBF supply Ukrainians with clothing for late winter and early spring. Two shipments with more than 500 jackets, shirts, and gloves arrived in Ukraine and were distributed by Revived Soldiers Ukraine and Dr. Olha Tychkivska. This followed an 88-pallet shipment of warm Backcountry clothing BBF sent to Ukraine in January, with the support of National Airlines.

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